Strong stewardship

Strong corporate governance and high disclosure standards enhance a company's accountability to its stakeholders.

The Keppel Group's continuous efforts to raise its level of corporate governance and transparency were recognised by the Securities Investors Association (Singapore) at the SIAS Investors' Choice Awards 2013 on 8 November 2013.

Award-winners from the Group included Keppel Corporation, Keppel Land, Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation (Keppel T&T), as well as first-time Merit award winner, K-Green Trust.

Sharing with The Business Times, Mr Pang Hee Hon, CEO of Keppel T&T which emerged as winner in the Singapore Corporate Governance (Mid Cap) category, remarked, "A company with sound corporate governance and transparency instill investor confidence; facilitate fair valuation as well as access to capital.

"We believe that corporate governance goes beyond complying with rules or reporting requirements. It is about internalising the purpose, value and spirit beyond the letter. By doing so, we hope to build up our brand premium, attract long-term investors and create long-term, sustainable value for stakeholders."


In recognition of its best practices in corporate governance and transparency, the Keppel Group was accorded a number of awards at the SIAS Investors' Choice Awards 2013


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