Candid exchange

Following Mr Teo Soon Hoe's retirement on 1 June 2014, Mr Loh Chin Hua, CEO of Keppel Corporation has succeeded him as Chairman of Keppel T&T. Concurrently, Mr Chan Hon Chew, CFO of Keppel Corporation, was appointed as director to the board of Keppel T&T. Mr Teo will continue providing his counsel to the Keppel T&T board as its Senior Advisor.

Keppel T&T convened a townhall meeting on 17 June 2014, where staff got acquainted with the new leadership, including Mr Loh and Mr Thomas Pang, CEO-designate of Keppel T&T. There was a lively and candid exchange of views.

At the session, Mr Loh reflected on Keppel T&T's achievements over the years, becoming a major player in third-party logistics and data centre sectors.

Thanking Mr Teo Soon Hoe as well as Mr Pang Hee Hon, who will relinquish his position as CEO of Keppel T&T on 1 July 2014, Mr Loh highlighted the priorities for the company moving ahead.

In his letter to all Keppel T&T staff, Mr Loh said, "For a company to continue being successful, it must have the ambition to be the top in its field, and the clarity of focus to guide its course. It must have a deeply-rooted culture of excellence in execution, yet at the same time be prudent and disciplined in the resources that it deploys. It must constantly adapt to the environment, innovate for breakthroughs, and be nimble and courageous in taking calculated risks. At the heart of all these are its people, steeped in the company's core values and constantly nurtured to bring out their very best."

Mr Thomas Pang also added that the process of grooming capable successors should be a priority for himself as well as the senior management in the company. Only by constantly seeking out and developing talent will the company be able to continue to thrive.

The townhall meeting was attended by key personnel from Keppel T&T's operations around the world, including Singapore, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ireland and Australia.

Candid exchange Candid exchange

The dialogue was robust at the townhall meeting, where Keppel T&T staff and the new leadership team shared perspectives

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