Boosting pandemic preparedness

With the resurfacing of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus in South Korea in May and Thailand in June, it is more crucial than ever that nations and organisations are well prepared to cope with infectious disease threats.

As a conglomerate with a wide global network, Keppel Corporation’s Group Risk Management (GRM) and the Group’s business units hold exercises regularly, reviewing existing procedures and protocols to ensure the efficacy of their Business Continuity Plans (BCP).

Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation (Keppel T&T) held a H1N1 virus pandemic flu drill at 9 Gul Circle on 29 May 2015 to test the robustness of its BCP.

As part of the simulated scenario of an early stage of an influenza outbreak, all employees were required to take their temperature to help in the detection of infection.

Suspected patients were isolated in areas of the building demarcated as quarantine zones.

Subcontractors such as the cleaning staff also participated in the drill. They were deployed to disinfect all common areas as a preventive measure during a flu pandemic.

Boosting pandemic preparedness Boosting pandemic preparedness

A security guard from Keppel T&T taking the temperature of a deliveryman (left photo) and Keppel T&T staff reporting to a health declaration station (right photo) during a simulated scenario of a flu pandemic to test the robustness of the company’s business continuity plans


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