Prepping for crises

As part of the Group's robust risk management framework, Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation (Keppel T&T) continually equips management and employees with essential skills to face a variety of challenges.

To that end, Keppel Corporation's Group Corporate Communications division organised a full day crisis communications training for key appointment holders of Keppel Logistics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel T&T, on 11 February 2016.

The training session held at Keppel Leadership Institute comprised case study analyses of crisis responses, after which the participants' media-fronting skills were put to the test in mock crisis scenarios. Participants of the training included Mr Desmond Gay, CEO of Keppel Logistics, Mr Alen Ng, Senior GM, China Business Unit at Keppel T&T, and the respective GMs of Keppel T&T's logistics projects in China.


Prepping for crises

Mr Desmond Gay (second from left), CEO of Keppel Logistics, fielding questions during a mock interview exercise, which was part of a crisis communications training session

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