Farm to table

The Keppel Group regularly organises teambuilding and engagement activities to build greater rapport among Keppelites and foster a strong sense of belonging within their departments and across business units.

More than 30 Keppelites from Keppel T&T enjoyed an enriching morning at Bollywood Veggies on Sunday, 24 July 2016. Together with their families, they learned about the cultivation of everyday foodstuff like rice and fruit, and the food supply chain process from rice paddy to supermarket shelves.

Getting their hands dirty, Keppelites and their families also had the opportunity to plant their own rice saplings, which impressed upon them the importance of reducing food wastage.

Farm to table

Keppelites from Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation and their family members got their hands dirty for an educational cause, planting their own rice saplings and learning about the food supply chain in the process

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