Making light work

Containers are the leading form of intermodal freight transportation for non-bulk cargo worldwide, with the most popular forms being the 20- and 40-foot-long containers that gave rise to the Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit of measurement, or TEU. Due to its length, each 20-foot container is able to store up to 25 tonnes of goods. However, this also means that the interior of these large metal boxes are often dimly lit, necessitating additional sources of artificial lighting while stuffing and un-stuffing goods during logistics operations.

The artificial lighting is conventionally supplied by the headlights of Material Handling Equipment such as forklifts which move palletised goods from the containers. In the event that loose, unpalletised goods have to be moved by hand, forklifts and mobile flood lights are positioned near the container entrance to provide illumination for Keppel Logistics’ staff. While this may be common industry practice, it creates the potential for forklift related accidents or near miss incidents to occur.

The adoption of mobile flood lights with long cables laid across the floor also poses potential trip and fall hazards to the warehouse operations. In addition, the forklifts may be better utilised for other logistics operations rather than simply providing illumination.

Inspired by this pressing need to disrupt the status quo, an enterprising team from Keppel Logistics Singapore comprising Alfred Chua, Manager, Meeran Shariff, Executive, and Ivan Tan, Senior Technician, devised a solution to improve productivity and enhance safety at Keppel Logistics’ 7 Gul Circle warehouse facility. Dubbed ‘Light Saviour’, the solution involved putting together a handheld 10 Watt rechargeable LED lamp, high strength magnets and customised metal base plates which can be temporarily secured to the walls of the containers where stuffing and un-stuffing work was being carried out.

The customised device presented a range of advantages over illuminating containers by forklift headlights: In addition to increased efficiency and productivity, the device’s 180-degree range of rotation enables it to cast spot or flood illumination while its versatile magnetic metal skids enable it to be easily redeployed on other metal surfaces such as warehouse racking support beams.

For the ingenuity displayed, and keen focus on safety, ‘Light Saviour’ received the Bronze Award at the Keppel Safety Convention on 28 October 2016.

Making light work

Keppel Logistics improved the safety and efficiency of stuffing and un-stuffing dimly lit containers by relegating the use of forklifts for illumination and devised ‘Light Saviour’, a versatile handheld spotlight that can be easily redeployed where required

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