Fulfilling the doctors' orders

With more than 40 years of experience, Keppel Logistics is well-equipped to help companies add-value to their businesses by managing their end-to-end supply chain requirements across different verticals and industries.

It demonstrated these capabilities most recently when working with its key healthcare customer, Singhealth Polyclinics (SHP), to economise its supply chain network by shifting from a supplier-centric model to centralised distribution.

The redesign involved consolidating supplier deliveries at Keppel Logistics’ warehouses where stock information on medical supplies are updated on proprietary warehouse management software in real time. Whenever stock runs low at SHP’s polyclinics, scheduled milkruns replenish supplies, thus eliminating the need for large stock-buffer volumes at the polyclinics.

By taking logistics storage, tracking and restocking of supplies off the hands of clinical staff, Keppel Logistics’ centralised warehousing model yielded tangible benefits for Singhealth and allowed it to concentrate on the things that truly matter – the wellbeing of its patients.

Fulfilling the doctors' orders

The professionalism and Can Do! spirit of Keppel Logistics’ staff shone brightly during the reorganisation process and earned them praise from the customer and recognition from senior management, including Mr Desmond Gay (second from left), CEO of Keppel Logistics

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